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Using Acids in Skincare

For any skincare newbies, acids might sound like the last thing you want to be applying to your face. While acid-based skincare routine might sound like a form of torture, it’s a hugely versatile and incredibly nourishing way of keeping your skin happy and healthy.

In fact, it’s a trusted choice for those with sensitive skin. Compared to abrasive methods like face scrubbing, acid-based skincare gently penetrates the skin and aids in restoring a natural balance. With a very low percentage of allergic reactions, acids are the obvious choice for all those struggling to find a solution for acne-prone skin.

The Benefits of Skincare Acids

Hailed for their versatility, acids can help cleanse your skin in numerous ways. When used on a regular basis, they:
  • Leave skin glowing and not flaky: acids peel off dead skin cells by dissolving the nanolayers in between cells.
  • Renowned for their exfoliating properties: they work to exfoliate your skin on a deeper level, keeping it nourished and healthy
  • Help reduce acne and irritations: by restoring the skin’s natural balance, acid help to maintain your skin acne-free and can help soothe outbreaks or irritations
  • Can minimise fine lines and blotches: while acids can’t magically erase deep wrinkles, they can help unclog pores, refining the appearance of your lines and evening out your skin.

The Best Acids For Your Skin

Navigating the world of acid-based skincare can prove a difficult task. To make it easier, we teamed up with skincare experts to give you a list of known and trusted essentials. Moreover, we selected a top product formulated with each acid.

  • Salicylic acid: one of acne’s biggest enemies, salicylic acid can help cure irritations and reduce blemishes. It promotes healthy skin by entering deep into pore lining. Salicylic acid is a real multi-tasker, targeting not just acne, but also redness and inflammation. ESSENTIAL PRODUCT: Brightening Blue Peel-off Mask.
  • Amino acid (collagen): collagen is often described as the glue that holds your skin and body together. It’s made up of amino acids that play a crucial role in your skin health. Collagen keeps your skin looking and filling firm, preventing unwanted wrinkles. It’s an effective moisturiser and helps maintain long-term skin hydration. ESSENTIAL PRODUCT: Black Peel-Off Mask.
  • Hyaluronic acid: this large sugar molecule will restore what can only be described as baby-soft skin. It encourages skin renewal and helps rehydrate your cells to achieve smoother, plumper appearance. By providing incredible moisture, it also helps diminish wrinkles and generally improves the skin’s texture. ESSENTIAL PRODUCT: 24k Gold Hydrating Black Charcoal Mask.
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