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Bath time is your perfect opportunity to unwind from the day’s hustle and bustle. What’s more, you can re-discover all your favourite skincare items while nourishing your whole body and mind.

Baths have been a large part of maintaining human health for centuries. Being immersed in water can have a soothing influence on several bodily functions.

Health Benefits of Taking a Bath

  • MUSCLE RELAXATION: Bathing is particularly beneficial for your muscles, joints and bones. It can alleviate discomfort following an intense training session and helps ease the pain following an injury or long-term health condition. A hot bath is the perfect home remedy for sore muscles, while ice baths might be a great way for athletes to recover in between competitions.
  • HORMONAL BALANCE: Bathing in colder water can help balance out hormonal levels, such as those of beta-endorphin and cortisol. Alternatively, bathing in hot water can increase levels of serotonin, the hormone associated with overall happiness and wellbeing.
  • BETTER IMMUNITY: Not only does a simple bath help relieve the symptoms of flu and cold, it can also improve immunity. A hot bath helps you detox as you sweat out toxins, boosting your immune system. PRO TIP: Use pure essential oils or other favourite scents to make your bath time routine extra relaxing.
  • CLEAN AND MOISTURISED SKIN: This is your chance to give your skin the ultimate pamper session it’s been craving for all along. Use your favourite items to nourish and cleanse your skin, getting rid of dead skin cells and scrubbing away any dirt.


Products for The Best Bathing Experience

Quick showers and hasty morning makeup routines might make it easy for you to neglect a deep skin cleansing. And what’s a better time for it than while taking a bath? We selected a number of must-try bath favourites for you to try out:  

  • BRIGHTENING BLUE PEEL OFF-MASK: Get a royal skin treatment with our blue peel-off mask. Our celebrity-endorsed mask will help even out your skin tone while revealing a younger, brighter complexion. When waiting for your face mask to dry, why not flip through the pages of your favourite magazine or call an old friend to get that extra bit of relaxation?


  • BUBBLE LIPS EXFOLIATING GEL: When taking care of your face and body, it’s easy to forget your lips. A long and warming bath is the perfect opportunity to apply our Bubble Lips gel. While waiting for it to dry, scrub your arms and legs, before peeling it off to reveal the smoothest, most kissable lips.


  • THE SCRUB KIT: Scrub yourself smooth with our favourite bath time kit! This deeply exfoliating kit contains our two sponges – the charcoal body sponge and konjac face sponge – ready to give you a deeply effective cleanse. It also includes our bath favourite, the Coffee Body Scrub.  



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